jeff lunt

professional software developer
maker of tiny tools, usually in ruby
former top 1% contributor to
part-time creative person

mmsh the mmsh shell
nmspec network message specification language
pretty_floats floating point formatting
pretty_integers integer formatting
timecalc timesheet tool
tiny_bar a text-based progress bar with label and color
tiny_bus a minimalist message bus
tiny_chat_gpt interface for openai's chatgpt api
tiny_color colorize output on the command line using ansi color codes
tiny_dot json-like dot notation for ruby hashes
tiny_eta calculate remaining time for tasks
tiny_log a logging tool
tiny_outcome predictive statistical pattern matching
tiny_pipe tool for building reusable data pipelines for processing data
tiny_ring an implementation of a ring buffer
tiny_rl a rate limiter
tiny_tcp_service a string-based tcp server wrapper
thread_io multi-threaded i/o for ruby
ractor_io ractor-based i/o for ruby
vim4evar former owner of until 2022 (RIP Bram Moolenaar)

podcast the wilderness and the wellspring
video game dvmo (deep void mining operations)

copyright 20XX jeff lunt